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About our Workplace Employee Support Service (WESS)

Amovita’s WESS program, commonly known as EAP, has some unique features in comparison to other providers. We believe that any

WESS program needs to be a collaborative partnership where staff can feel confident that the WESS provider offers a quality and

responsive service.


We work alongside organisations for the best interests of the staff and organisation and we communicate regularly as to how the

service is being utilised. Our counselling approaches are highly effective as we focus our work on a skills based developmental

approach that ensures staff learn new strategies to respond to the challenges they are experiencing.


We have developed a WESS program that creatively incorporates our Exceler8 framework designed to provide a short-term

intervention counselling and developmental skills across a number of key areas that are integral in maintaining the health and

wellbeing of staff.



Our Exceler8 Framework

With a wealth of experience in the fields of strategy, leadership, human resources and training, the Amovita team provides a

comprehensive range of WESS services through our Exceler8 framework.


We manage and deliver a full range of health, wellbeing and lifestyle management solutions as we specialise in team and

organisational performance utilising some of the latest neuroscience research to support brain friendly workplaces and leadership.


Our team of clinical and specialist practitioners have years of experience and expertise across the services and programs we

provide. Amovita’s services are flexible and mobile. We can deliver our Exceler8 framework in your workplace, which maintains

productivity levels, or we can meet with staff off site in an Amovita office, or via other mediums such as skype, zoom and phone.

Unlike many other providers our Exceler8 framework also provides an outreach service after hours and provides in home services

where specifically requested, which supports an integrated approach to health and wellbeing.


We engage many therapeutic and clinical counselling approaches, incorporating neuroscience principles. All of our counselling

approaches integrate a skills development focus to ensure staff incorporate new learning to promote resilience and long-lasting

changes. Working with staff at the early intervention stage provides more effective outcomes than at the restorative stage.


Our Exceler8 framework incorporates 8 focus areas that supports and empowers employees to develop and implement

strategies to increase any aspect of their health and wellbeing, maintain performance in their role.




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