Training Registration Form - Amovita International
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We encourage participants to book travel to a training presentation after a confirmation has been received. Once we have received your registration and your place has been confirmed, an invoice will be issued to your accounts department for payment prior your attendance.

Inspire Training Registration

After completion of this registration form, you will be contacted directly to confirm your place in the training, receive all training details and be emailed an invoice for your attendance. Invoices are generally issued within 2 - 4 weeks of the course date.
  • If you would like to attend more than 1 training, please list all the training names, dates and locations.
  • Please advise of your preferred name for the training: this will appear on your name tag, participant listing and your Certificate
  • Please enter the phone number without any spaces
  • A copy of the invoice for your attendance will be issued to your Accounts Department. It is vital that your invoice is paid prior to your attendance at the training.
  • Please note, we cater for the following dietary requests: vegetarian; gluten free and dairy free. If you have and other dietary requirements, there are 2 options for you to select from for catering. (1) You can bring your own catering; or (2) Pay a $35* catering surcharge (this is the rate charged to Amovita by the catering company).
    I understand that I will be confirmed as a participant for this training upon the receipt of a confirmation email being received from Amovita International. I understand that it is a requirement that the training registration fee must be paid in full prior to my attendance at the training. I acknowledge that an invoice will be issued from the Amovita Accounts Department and emailed directly to the training participant and also to the accounts department for payment. I have selected the training presentation carefully and I understand that refunds are not provided if I change my mind, within the 30 day cancellation policy period. If I am unable to attend the training on the day I understand that my registration fee will not be refunded, however I acknowledge I am able to send another person in my place to attend the training. I agreed to and I have read Amovita's information about cancelling my attendance at a training presentation. Amovita International recommends you carefully review the online registration before submitting your registration. In the event that Amovita cancels a training presentation, Amovita will provide a full refund to the registered organisation (or individual) for the training registration fee only. Amovita will not reimburse any other costs associated with the individual's attendance at training which includes, but is not limited to travel, accommodation, salary or wages. Refunds for the full training registration fee will be provided via bank deposit and will be issued within 30 days.

Thank you for completing our online training registration form. All fields in this form must be completed, once the form has been completed it will be sent to the Inspire team and you will receive a confirmation email from our Inspire Team. We encourage participants to book travel to a training presentation after a confirmation has been received.



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