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End of Year Fatigue

pre-christmas-fatigue-blog-post2013 has been a big year for many organisations, workplaces and individuals. With a plethora of modern world stressors, balancing work and family and just generla everyday commitments, it’s that time of year when most of us are starting to run out of puff.

Work demands seem to ramp up not down in the scramble to the end of year and social engagements also escalate.  Add this on top of a hectic year and it’s no wonder overwhelming tiredness is starting to show.

What helps us maintain our health and resilience during this time?  Is it possible to start the holiday season feeling anything other than exhausted? Here are some tips for recharging:

  1. Sleep more – plan ahead on nights with no social engagements and get to bed at a reasonable time.  Use relaxation exercises, baths, herbal teas and light reading to wind yourself down ready for a deep sleep.
  2. Eat well – choose the most nutritious foods you can as often as you can.  Carry plenty of nutrient high, energy-enhancing snacks with you and stay away from the processed energy sapping choices.
  3. Move more – be as active as you can, as often as you can.  Plan to meet friends for a walk, swim, jog or dance class.  Ask colleagues to join you for fresh air breaks.  Reward yourself for extra effort and aim to do something every day even if you don’t feel like it.
  4. Reduce caffeine and alcohol – it’s so easy to grab more of these when tiredness hits. Experiment with alternatives, maybe a yoghurt smoothie instead of another coffee, or a non-alcoholic cocktail rather than wine.
  5. Plan activities that replenish you  – make time to have a snooze in the sunshine, chat with a friend who makes you laugh, do something fun, walk beside the sea, enjoy your favourite hobby.
  6. Deliberately move more slowly – notice the urge to rush and resist it.  Give yourself permission to pause.
  7. Pay attention to your breathing – check you are breathing from your diaphragm (belly breathing) not your chest.  This helps to keep your body and mind in a calm state rather than a frantic one.
  8. Practice gratitude – make a mental note or write down 3 things you are grateful for each day.  Reflect on these and notice how you feel when you are being grateful.
  9. Let us know your ideas – what helps you keep your energy up?

Amovita’s Employee and Family Support Program (EAP) is designed to support individuals and their families in the workplace through a fully integrated program which focuses on your staff to ensure they have the avenue to debrief, explore issues and challenges that may be impacting on them and act as a barrier in fulfilling their role to the best of their ability.

Our Employee and Family Support Program is a 24/7/365 service and self referral is welcomed.

For more information about Amovita’s Employee and Family Support Program (EAP) or to book an appointment with one of our team, please contact us today.


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