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Brain and Technology

A colleague recently sent through a great caricature of the difference between how we engaged in daily activities in days gone by and how we do that now. It certainly brought a smile to my face. Whilst the cartoon is very self explanatory, it was very interesting in providing the opportunity to stop and reflect on how we go about our lives.

The technology revolution – yes it certainly has been a revolution has taken hold and there is really no going back! Not that we would really want to – would we?? Technology has like so many advances brought an exciting dynamic to our lives in how we engage with others, communicate, access information and save time. It also has changed how we deal with stress, takes up a lot of time and energy when technology does not work in the way it is intended and how conflict is dealt with.


The times we now turn off the TV, stop and communicate face to face and together are valued times. These times are really good for our health and well being. These times are really great for our brain and create a space whereby it feeds and nurtures our sense of self.

We work a lot with CEO’s, Managers, staff, family groups, Executives, Ministers, MP’s and the list goes on. We are all under the same pressures in life and in our workplaces. The one thing we all share is the notion of stress, even though the context may be different. We all respond to stress in a different way and we process challenges and difficulties differently.

How we respond from a brain perspective assists us to understand it, process or deconstruct it and then respond to it. Some people like to talk through issues, others go quite as they process parts of the stress response and others go into denial or avoidance. What ever our immediate response it, the way we respond is dealt with in the brain.

Our brain is wired to respond to either a threat or a reward situation. Depending on the way we deal with stress over a period of time, the messages we receive from others and our self, the brain will make the decision if the stress situation is a threat or non threat. This is important given this part of our brain supports us to stay safe and to manage the fight or flight response.

Here at Amovita we are seeing more and more professionals and families that are endeavouring to respond and be effective in a very busy world and often in complex situations. We do a lot of work in organisations and in teams where stress is a dominant story. Where ever we can support a workplace to understand the impact of stress and how the brain works to effectively deal with or respond to stress is a valuable service.

Contact us today to discuss what services and resources we have available to suit your workplace, phone 1800  YES AMOVITA (1800 937 266) or via email: info[at]


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