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Having Fun at Work

The power of having fun at work should never be underestimated. People simply are more productive and motivated if they are having fun…it’s just the way we are wired.If we look at children, we would see that they learn best when they are playing. Playing is also the best way of motivating them to do something.

The sad thing is that, as we grow up, and progress further in life, we eliminate the fun element. No wonder they say that humans learn the most in their first five years of their lives. Everyone, and I mean e-ve-ry-one has a child inside of him or her that wants to come out. It’s part of who we are and it shouldn’t be any different at work.

Benefits Of Having Fun At Work

  • Courage & Creativity get stimulated
  • It relieve stress
  • It eliminates fear
  • It help in creating a productive, healthy work environment
  • It connects the human spirit with the workplace
  • It clear people’s minds
  • It helps create an environment where people can just be the best that they are.
  • It makes people more productive
  • It is a great way for leaders and managers to engage with employees

In years gone by people use to believe that fun is something that you do on a Friday afternoon or on a conference. Today people want and need to have fun WHILE they are working…right through from Monday to Friday…especially if you are working with generation X and generation Y.

Creating A Culture Of Having Fun At Work

Fun looks different for each individual and team. However, the first step is a conscious awareness of its importance. Here are some ways to initiate such a culture:

Engage With Employees

Ask employees questions, such as “What would make this job a fun environment for you?”; “What would you change to make work more fun?” These questions will go a long way in determining what makes each individual tick. Don’t try to guess what would be fun for them. Ask the people who are suppose to have fun themselves

Have Fun As The Leader

Leaders of your team or organisation, play a big role in establishing the culture. If the boss is having fun, chances are good that fun at work will become a culture.

Use Meeting Icebreakers

Start every meeting with a different icebreaker.

Initiate a competition

Have a competition throughout the organisation where people come up with the best ways to implement a fun culture at work.

Make It Part of Performance Appraisals

Bring the topic of having fun up in the performance appraisal. “Are you having fun?” “How can you make this job more enjoyable for yourself?” Motivate them to become aware of it.

We’d love to hear what you and your organisation does to have fun at work. Post a comment beow to share what activites you do.

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