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The Importance of Taking Holidays

Recently I’ve been really busy both at home and at work. I’ve been productive and have achieved some fantastic things, but then I hit a wall. For some reason, I couldn’t focus and was finding it difficult to start a task. Apparently this wasn’t just noticeable to me; friends and colleagues were noticing this as well.

My partner then suggested I should take a break. At first, I thought this suggestion was way off……take a break? Really? But what about all this work I have to do? What about all the spring cleaning at home that needs to be done? What about leaving the cat for a few nights? What about…..and the list continued.

Luckily for me, he ignored my “what about” list and just told me that we were going away and that I had to pack my bag for 2 nights and that I’d find out the morning that we left where we were going. There were only 2 rules – the laptop must remain at home, and I was only allowed to check my emails on my iPhone at 6pm for 15 minutes….talk about a tough taskmaster!

At first, the suggestion of me going away for 2 days with no laptop and minimal iPhone contact was overwhelming. But then, I got used to the idea and the day before we left, I was really looking forward to getting away for a few days.

We had a great time away, we ended up going to the Sunshine Coast, checking out the local markets, spending the afternoon reading books by the beach and then spent the night at a local B&B. And whilst I thought it’d be hard to be computerless, I actually REALLY enjoyed it.

It was exactly what I needed! I came back recharged and the calm and in control person that I once was had returned.

What can be concluded from my “forced” holiday is that at some point in our busy lives, all of us need rest and a change of routine. The importance of holidays cannot be ignored and they can give us distance from the busy hectic environment around us.

Holidays give us a timeout where we can reduce anxiety and stress levels by just taking some time to ourselves to relax and reflect on our lives. Many things suddenly become crystal clear when you are away from your daily routine and a holiday could give you the chance to make decisions that may have felt more complicated at home.

The time spent away from home can focus you and help you achieve your goals. Take some time to set targets for when you get back and think about what it is that really makes you happy.

Many of us have our work and social lives out of balance, and get caught up in the monotonous 9-5 routine. Taking some time to yourself, away from the office, is crucial and can even improve your performance when you return to work.

The benefits of taking a holiday can be considerable if you spend your time away in a positive and healthy way. You don’t even have to venture far from where you live or spend a huge amount of money. Just taking a week away to concentrate on yourself will create significant benefits for both your mental and physical health.


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