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The Simple Door

One of the exciting attractions of Paris was the opportunity to see and observer the many different doors of all shapes and sizes.

I had seen numerous photographic books dedicated to the doors of Paris and when viewed collectively they make quite a spectacle. However, up close and in person is best so I decided to stroll the streets and assemble my own photographic collection of Paris doors.

The design, architecture and colour of the many doors are beautiful and for me are part of the attraction of this exciting city.

Shades of blue, bright reds, subtle greys and timber hues make a unique contribution to the style and classic architecture of Paris.

I soon got lost in the moment and in no time had taken well over 100 photos of different doors. As in life there are many simple things that if focussed on are things of beauty, just like the simple door.

Look out for our Door Card series as card gifts in the workplace.

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