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Amovita is Acknowledged

The Amovita Consulting team are a dedicated and commitment group of professionals that bring the best to our clients. When we received the wonderful news last week that we are one of the reciepients of the 2012 Australian Business Awards, it is a cause for celebration and reflection. We have been acknowledged two years in a row for our service excellence.

Our clients are our priority.

The Australian Business Awards recognise the best in Australia. In their seventh year, they recognise and honour the achievements of leading organisations and businesses for their excellence in various areas. Winners are selected through the acknowledgement of innovative business processes, product development, enterprise and commercial success.

Amovita Consulting provides a range of services and programs across Corporiate, Government and the Non Government Sectors. Our aim is provide people and business excellence. Working with over 80 organisations and businesses we have supported many of these to develop and maintain high performance outcomes. Our team is chosen for their talents and skills in various fields of expertise, positive mindset and because they are driven by excellence in what they do.

More and more across sectors we are supporting business and organisations to invest energy and resources in the right areas to maintain high performance and with Amovita being a partner in the process our effective services and programs assist to make this happen. Our team works with Directors, Boards, CEO's, Managers and front line staff to ensure there is a multi faceted approach to the way the organisation does business. 

Given our team have worked across the political, policy, human services, corporate and government spheres we are placed well to assist organisations and businesses to be the best they can be, to truly value staff and ensure efficency dividends are realised for maximum performance.

Understanding the drivers of exellence through our services and products our team has supported hundreds of businesses and organises to realise their bottom line.

We would like to thank our clients for your support of Amovita and as we continue to grow and prosper we acknowledge your contributions to our success.

Check our achievement on the ABA website:

In recognition of our Award, I have included the Media Release that was published last week.

For Amovita Consulting’s customers and clients, the organisation has long been a byword for Service Excellence. 

Now it’s official, with Amovita Consulting, taking out top honours in The Australian Business Awards 2012, in the category of Service Excellence.

The award specifically recognises Amovita Consulting’s achievements in delivering Service Excellence to its clients and customers.  Since being established in 2008, excellent customer service has been a key foundation for delivering Amovita’s programs and services to its customers and clients.

The prestigious and comprehensive awards program, established in 2005, engages with leading corporate, government and non-profit organisations across key industry segments, including financial, manufacturing, professional services, energy, telecommunications, construction, transport, healthcare, education, food services and retail.

Entries are assessed using specific criteria via an established set of business and product award categories, benchmarking the full spectrum of organisational performance and product management to identify the industry leaders for each award category and industry classification. The awards raise the bar across all aspects of quality management and provide organisations with ways to review their business performance and identify their core strengths.

Tracey Harris, Executive Director said the award reflected the substantial investment the organisation had made in supporting its clients in every possible way over the last few years.

“For the second consecutive year, we have been awarded with the honour of achieving the Australian Business Award for Service Excellence,

“This award isn’t just for Amovita Consulting, it’s also for our clients. We wouldn’t be the positive, innovative and dynamic team we are without their support,

“I sincerely thank every client, individual and family that we have worked alongside to inspire individual and business excellence,

“I also thank our team of dedicated and high performing consultants, who go above and beyond to achieve excellence in everything they do.” concluded Tracey Harris, Amovita’s Executive Director.

Congratulating Amovita Consulting, Ms Tara Johnston, Program Director, The Australian Business Awards said: “These types of accolades don’t come easily – they are underpinned by vision and leadership, both of which require a clear dedication to research and development.

“Despite a challenging business environment locally and abroad, this year’s participants in The Australian Business Awards remain steadfast in their commitment to innovation and excellence,” Ms Johnston said.

“We’re proud to promote the models of business and product excellence in addition to highlighting contributions to the community and sustainability initiatives with these leading organisations and to publicly honour their achievements.

“There was unparalleled breadth and depth in this year’s entries, highlighting the economic stability of Australia and stamping it as the ‘clever country’ for progressive projects, investment, enterprise ventures and workplace practices. Across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, the 2012 winners of The Australian Business Awards are innovative, agile and truly ‘best in class’.”

If we can support your workplace through our range of services and program please contact us on 1800 YES AMOVITA – 1800 937 266 or



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