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A Unique Experience

I am so looking forward to bringing to you my series of blogs on my experiences overseas recently whilst presenting at a conference in Florence. I hope you enjoy them.

This blog is about a beautiful place that I visited whilst in France.

Whilst I was overseas recently I had the privilege of visiting the spectacular place of Le Mont Saint Michel. Once you have been there you can never be the same again simply by the the uniqueness of the place, the awe inspiring structure that confronts you as you first lay eyes on the place. 

How to describe it!!

It is a small island in Normandy, France.

Once upon a time the surrounding bay was land however as sea levels have risen over time and it has become an island. in 1879 the causeway was converted to further support the island and impact of the tide around the mount of the island. As a result of the ongoing work tourists and visitors can enjoy the amazing experience of Le Mont Saint Michel.

During its iconic history, the island has played host to many purposes including a prison and abbey. At the present time it is a working abbey and tourist destination that is a must when in this part of the world.

Wandering along the little alley ways, looking across the bay and sand bar from the top of the island is breathtaking and a humbling experience. It is truly amazing what this small piece of wonder has been through and you can almost hear the sign of relief from the island in knowing it is considered a treasured monument and protected for a long time to come. Having survived revolutions and wars, Le Mont Saint Michele is something not to be missed.

It is a place where you feel like getting to know yourself a little better, that when you have left you do know a little more about yourself, stop and reflect on your own existence and consider what is yet to come. It is a place where you cannot help but hear the silence in your own mind and feel at one with the environment.

I imagine that there are not too many days during the calendar where the wind speaks very loudly and it is is best not to miss the message that it has for you as it comes floating by or hits you in the face!!! 

There is plenty of accommodation on the island and I saw lots of very happy tourists ducking and weaving out of the narrow alley ways into the peace and tranquility of their suite or room feeling special in stealing the precious moments of being at one with the island.

I also then had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful artist who sketches and draws this unique place and her husband photographs the island's pleasures. Together they are a great team who capture the very essance of the place and their work is amazing. We bought two larger photos and some hand painted book marks, truly beautiful. Vincent's work can be found at:  http://vincentm.canalblog.com/

Leaving at the end of the day after basking in the islands glory brought mixed emotions, feeling privileged to have been there, really wanting not to leave and steal just a few more moments before having to step into the busy side of life again. Its amazing as I think of the experience how it again touches me like I was still there, listening to the sound of the birds flying freely in their own space and with each other, the wind taking them up in its hold, the messages that the island gives you, the wind howling through and around the island and the peace that one feels for having been there.

For more about this beautiful island find more at:   http://www.ot-montsaintmichel.com/en/accueil.htm





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