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Note to Self!!

I am currently travelling overseas and have had the privilege of being able to present at a conference in Firenze (Florence) in the last couple of weeks. What an amazing city and makes one realise just how young Australia is.

It is just over a week until I am due back in Brisbane and the unique experiences and joys of travelling have and will make a lasting impression.I have met some wonderful people and make positive future contacts for Amovita.

As far as being a seasoned traveller, I am what you would call a LATE TRAVELLER with this being my first real overseas trip.

Each year I have the same idea and discussions with others to travel and take a break at the same time.

Every year there has been something to 'get in the way' or delay this.

I think the thing that has got in the way has been ME!!

For many that know me I would say you are in agreeance with me about this. So this year both have presented and the Late Traveller has finally done it!!!

For many of you that are seasoned travellers you will know the art of being organised and ensuring you have everything in place prior to travelling overseas. Things such as organising phone access, what to do about emails, how to ensure communications are in place with family, work and friends. Then there is the travel itinerary, where to stay when, what resources you will need whilst you are away. Your Will completed or updated (just in case) contact numbers left with someone at home, the dog, cat or family fish left in good hands and the mail collected.

There is so much to do before going overseas!

I was organised, most things were in place except for accommodation for the last 2 weeks of the trip, and I had meant to get my new set of contact lenses so I could wear my sunglasses whilst I was away, after all I was going to be in Italy and France during summer so a great idea!!

That was until I went to pick up my contact lenses a couple of times in the lead up to leaving Australia and the optomitrist was closed.

Note to self – pick up contact lenses a good month before leaving for overseas. It has been quite funny to see me wearing my sunglasses over my glasses.

So what to pack, work clothing, clothing to relax in, shoes, hat, sunglasses! Sandshoes, flat shoes and the list goes on.

Advice from seasoned travellers included packing to wear layers that could accommodate any season. One piece of advice was great – take 24 different different tops to go with a couple of different dresses and trousers, great advice.

Taking on other advice included what to do about the mobile phone. Given my phone is crucial for work our wonderful Director of Communications, Nicola undertook some important research and we decided I would get a sim card for the phone when I arrived in Italy and all would be ok.

I think the universe must have been talking as phone communication over here both in Italy and France has been somewhat of a challenge.

Not that it should be with modern technology.

Each sim I have had has run out of charge within a call or two even with unlimited email down load etc and when I have recharged yep I have received messages in italian and French that I could not interrpret and even the local phone stores cannot fix.

So Note to self – ensure communications are in place for travel.

Note to self – take italian or French classes or both prior to travelling!

Travelling teaches you a lot and how to be prepared for the unexpected and most of all Note To Self – when the universe suggests you take a break and the mobile phone does not work, listen and enjoy.

See you all back in Brissie.


  • Donna
    Posted at 16:18h, 11 July Reply

    We are here in Italy at the moment too and have also experienced frustrations with communications as well have tried to also use skype but because I am using wifi cant put credit on my account.  Very hot and crowded here and travelling with active  6 yo is also challenging.  We really appreciate home.  Loved getting out of Florence to see winery and to see Assisi.  On to Venice and home from Paris.  Regards Donna Corte

  • Rose
    Posted at 11:08h, 14 August Reply

    Hi Tracey,  loved your story of your recent trip abroad, my daughter & i have set goals to travel to that part of world next Sept '13 & are currently doing some research & looking at fun & beautiful things to see & do. I lived in France over 20yrs ago & my daughter has never been O/S so I would like it to be special for her & fun & relatively uncomplicated if possible. would love to hear more of your adventures & hints, tips etc
    Regards Rose 🙂

    • Tracey Harris
      Posted at 21:47h, 23 August Reply

      thank you Rose, I really appreciated you taking the time to respond re France etc. Loved the smiley face and I bet you can’t wait to take your daughter overseas, how old is she? We took our 18 year old son, that last trip before they tend to fly the nest, was very special, regards Tracey

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