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Is Work Ruining Your Life?

It is fair to say that most of us have to go to work. Without working we simply would not have the money to buy the stuff we need and want and pay those bills that never seem to stop coming in. Work however, comes in many different forms. We all make the choice to follow a particular line of employment at any given time during our lives, but have you ever wondered….is your job ruining your life?

The other day I received an email from a friend of mine who was so distressed at her current job that she was not only constantly unhappy but she was beginning to have trouble sleeping at night since her job was always on her mind. She had become so unhappy that her once positive nature had completely disappeared and was replaced by a continual stream of anxiety.

After reading her gloomy email I decided to phone her. The first thing I asked her was, “is your job ruining your life?” Yes, she screamed down the phone line. She told me her job was not just ruining her life but it had already ruined her life.

The obvious question was, “why don’t you look for another job?” I knew there was no way she would just quit; she is no quitter, just a very frustrated workaholic. For such an intelligent girl, her answer stunned me initially. She told me she could never quit this position she held because when she applied for the job there were over 200 hundred applicants for just the one position. She told me it was her dream job. I told her it seemed more like a nightmare.

With all of her experience I assumed she could walk into just about any job in her field and she agreed she probably could and after talking for about half an hour I could sense she was starting to come around. I told her it was a superhuman effort to win this highly sort after position within her company but if your job is ruining your life, is it worth it?

She explained to me how she had not taken a holiday in over two years and had weeks and weeks of leave up her sleeve. After a bit of convincing she promised me she would ask her employer if she could take a 2 week holiday. As it turned out, her boss thought she was in need of a break and approved her leave almost immediately. The rest of this story is amazing.

Due to sheer exhaustion, she spent the first four days of her break mostly asleep but on day five she was feeling the best she had in ages but still a raging torrent of anxiety since she was not used to taking a break and felt uneasy just sitting around resting. She decided to jump online and peruse a few jobs vacant websites. Within hours she had sent a copy of her resume along with a number of job applications. The following day she was phoned by a consultancy firm in her field of expertise and asked to come in for an interview immediately. She was offered the job in a more senior position than her current job with more money, more flexibility and less hours.


After two weeks at the new job she rang me and said she had her life back in order and felt happy for the first time in years. I could tell by the sound of her voice she was a changed woman, back to the positive girl I used to know.

The moral to this story is, if your job is ruining your life, it is entirely your choice to stay there. It is also your choice to look elsewhere at an untold number of other options on any career path you see fit to pursue.

At Amovita we specialise in working positively with you so you are the best person you can be. We offer a range of services such as Change Management, employee and family assistance, professional supervision and executive coaching that are designed to support and empower you. So if you think your job is ruining your life, or if you would like to discuss some other options, the highly skilled and positive Amovita Consultants will support you.

Contact Amovita today via email or on 0420 234 638 to discuss how we can support you to be the best person you can be.

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