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The ‘Assemblance’ of Words

We often talk about the power of language, what we say and how we say it. People’s perceptions are very powerful and its important to stop and reflect on the influence or impact we have on others. Very true, very true.

I have a saying in one of our training manuals, that a bunch of letters on their own is just a bunch of letters. A bunch of letters in some assemblance is the power of language. Do we really take the time to think about the assemblance of words we use.

What do we notice our family members saying, our manager, trainer or partner.

I was recently sent the attached You Tube video and it certainly made an impact on me. Video Clip: The Power of Words

What impacted?

Yes you guessed it, the assemblance of words and how when we say something one way it does not impact, however when we reassemble the words it can take on a whole new meaning.

There are times that we all catch ourselves using language that is a little less than effective or suitable. There are times when we feel tired, burnt out, frustrated and sick of the way things may be in our lives. This is often when the assemlance order is ‘out of order’.

1. Be honest with those around you. What as semblance of words is conducive to your positive self talk, feeling valued and supported. Use your own as semblance of words to ensure others impact on your positively.

2. Personal audit – look at those people in your life and those around you. Do they nurture your soul? Work hard to only hang around positive people who bring the best out in you.

3. Be a full glass person – think about your mindset, what you say to yourself and out aloud. What do you say to others.

4. Exercise and continue to exercise where you can. This is the best way to clear your mind and as a result the assemblance of words will be more positive.

I would love to hear what you think?

View Video Clip: The Assemblance of Words

  • Lara
    Posted at 09:56h, 24 November Reply

    What an inspiring video!

    How lucky am I… it is a beautiful day… I can see it.

    I love to see the world as a place full of people doing inspiring things for themselves and other.

    As individuals we have this amazing ability to interpret words in a way that is unique as our finger prints.

    Effective communicate takes mindfulness… practiced on a regular basis.

    I love the work done by Dr Masaru Emoto re: the effect of words, music and colour upon water…. remebering that we are largely made up of water…

    Take a look:

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