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The Work / Life Balance

I used to listen to music all day. I used to dance around my house. I used to really enjoy going to movies and eating popcorn. I used to go and get massages, facials and pedicures. I used to…I used to…I used to…What’s happened to us? Why has work taken over our lives? And how can we reclaim it back?

I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about me. Over the years, work took over my life. I stopped listening to music. Didn’t get pampered. Hadn’t seen a movie in over a year. Hadn’t gone dancing. And the list went on and on and on.

Till one day, I went through a life changing experience and decided to reclaim my life. Yeah right. Reclaiming your life, is like losing weight. There’s no shortcut. You’ve got to claw back the things that made you happy. Things that excited you and made everyone think you’re a nutter. Somehow, I lost it (as many others have too) and I had to get it back.

Trying to put back in your life all that’s missing is close to impossible. You’ve got to work your way back bit by bit.

So I started with my job. I wasn’t happy in my job and but I didn’t realize that until my boss asked me “Isn’t it time you let us go”……initially I was stunned at this comment. I was upset and wondered why I was asked that. After the initial shock and consultation with a few others, I decided, that YES, it was time I left my job.

And totally out of character for the “old me”, I didn’t look for another job, I decided that I didn’t want another job until I really, truly knew what I wanted to do. Tum…dee…dum…Now I was happier…..and I had created the perfect opportunity to reclaim my life.

I started by buying a new set of headphones – those noise blocking ones that could let me listen to music and dance around my house without the neighbours making noise complaints. I then began trolling the deal websites. You know the ones, Scoopon, My Deal, Living Social,etc, and bought heaps of discounted vouchers for pedicures, manicures, massages, hairdressing and meal deals. It was great, I was buying vouchers and my diary was filling up with pampering days…..hello pampering heaven!

I then decided to factor in the movies….going to the movies is great when most of the population is working). I began to enjoy the popcorn. I went for walks on the beach. I would spend entire days in my PJ’s. I started going to French lessons. Slowly but surely, I reclaimed my life.

After 6 months of reclaiming my life and with the bank account looking a bit lean, I started looking for a job. After days of searching, I couldn’t find a job that fitted in with my newfound lifestyle….so, I started my own business with one, yes ONE client. But it was a business that suited my skill set, that fitted in with me, my pampering days, movies and French lessons.

Hang on just a minute…..what on earth have I done?!? I started a business with 1 client….how would this keep the hungry bank account happy? Simple. I stayed true to my lifestyle and slowly clients appeared through referrals and word of mouth. My business is now ticking along with less effort and life is exactly how I want it to be. I have my perfect balance.

It’s time to reclaim your life.

If a lack of fun starts to wear down your work. Work no longer becomes fun and it no longer fits into your lifestyle. It’s just another thing to be done. Another dreary day of deadlines and stress. The only way out is to reclaim your life. Do it this week. Start with one thing. Something small. Bring a big smile back to your face. You look a lot happier when you’re ‘dancing.’

If you are like I was and need a bit of help remembering who you used to be, or need someone to point you in the right direction to achieving life balance, then contact Amovita today. Our services and programs are designed to inspire people and business excellence. You may find that our Executive Coaching, our Professional Supervision or our Team Development services are what you need; or you could decide that attending one of our presentations, such as How to Become a Lion Tamer or the Accidental Counsellor would suit you best.

We can also deliver tailor made services and programs that will support you in achieving your goals. So get going and contact Amovita today.

  • Jett Star
    Posted at 18:26h, 11 October Reply

    Your blog reminds me of a great quote by the Dali Lama:

    Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

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