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What’s YOUR Story?

Recently a friend told me her story. She was reared in a ‘happy’ family of 6 children and her parents were ‘honest to God’(her words) hard working people whose main aim was to make the best life for the family. She has 2 brothers and 3 sisters who are all well and happy.

She relates a ‘happy childhood’ and gets along with everyone in the family. Her education was without drama except of course for the odd wagging during teenager years. She married and has 3 children. She is in a secure, well paid, well recognised profession where her level of expertise and skill is acknowledged and appreciated with colleagues and clients. She is ‘the’ person who lights up the room, the person who laughs with joy and cries in sorrow. My friend is a wife, mother, lover, business woman, colleague, friend, daughter, aunt, artist, creator and many more strings to her bow form her identity.

She is a woman I admire and value for her sense of compassion and honesty. She got my attention when she told me she has a dream to show her ‘true colours, to make her mark on the world, to shine” and her plan is to change her story about herself. Imagine my curiosity as she told me this.

What did she really mean? Sure she has the ‘good’ job, the ‘good’ life but this is not who she is on the inside. She went on to say that she has a niggling inside that she is more than that. Hold on, what is this? I wasn’t getting her drift; in fact I was getting a little irritated. Aren’t you happy with what you have?’ I asked and then answering my own question, ‘you have everything you could possibly want and need?” “It seems that way” she replied, “but deep down I don’t really know who I am. I need the sparkle in me; I need to change my story”.

She is changing her story about herself.

Put simply she said I need to spring clean to get the sparkle back to me. I am changing my story because my story isn’t working for me anymore, my story is outdated. I need to show my true colours, my light, I need to sparkle. It is time. “I’m with you, “I said and I saw the sparkle.

What is your story? Has your story got the sparkle? Do you need to show your true colours, your light, and your sparkle? Are you allowing your light to shine, are you showing your true colours? If not, why not? What would happen if you did?

At Amovita we have a range of products and services that are designed to support you in changing, developing or re-creating YOUR story. Visit www.amovita.com.au for detailed information on our services, programs and training presentations.

  • Barbara Mackey
    Posted at 20:09h, 03 September Reply

    Great blog, really enjoyed reading it, congratulations Amovita on your recent Awards.

  • Jett Star
    Posted at 18:35h, 11 October Reply

    Narrative therapy is a great therapuetic approach for developing your own story AND re-writing your story.

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