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I Did it! I Slept Out!

Settling in for the long night ahead

This year I set myself a challenge to do something different, something that would let me “walk a day in the shoes”, something that as a Managing Director of a company, a university lecturer, a student, a wife and a mother I wouldn’t normally do. Then I saw the words “2011 CEO Sleepout” and I rose to the challenge.

Sure, I could do this, this was going to be easy. All I do is raise some money, turn up to the sleepout, do a bit of networking and then I could tick this off my to do list…..oh, how wrong I was! The St Vinnies CEO Sleepout really challenged me. With the support of friends, family, colleagues and Amovita clients, I raised money for the sleepout, little did I know that was the EASY part.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I wanted to do the sleepout but as the days drew closer I realised that it was truly happening, I was really going to sleep out in the cold, on a sheet of cardboard, with my sleeping bag. Sleeping bag?!? There was my first problem – I didn’t have a sleeping bag. So after sourcing a sleeping bag and making a few “wish me luck” phone calls to friends and colleagues I arrived at the Suncorp Piazza in Brisbane with sleeping bag in tow.

wakey, wakey

It was a night that changed me. I was there with 56 other CEO’s from around South East Queensland. Yes, I networked. Yes, I drank my sponsored Merlo coffee. Yes, I slept on my piece of cardboard. But most importantly, yes, I got a taste of what thousands of homeless Australians do every night. However, I’m sure they do it more rough than what I did. I had a sleeping bag, coffee and cardboard and I’m sure many homeless people don’t get those “luxuries” every night.

Homelessness is a continuing problem in Australia. There is an estimated 100,000 homeless people sleeping on the streets every night. Over 1,000 of those are in Brisbane.

This annual event aims to raise both money and awareness within the community and I highly recommend this experience to all those CEO’s, Board Directors and MD’s out there to do it in 2012. It is truly an experience you will never forget and it gives you a chance to make a difference by raising money for the St Vincent de Paul Homeless program. This year across Australia we raised just over $4.1million and in Brisbane we raised just over $556,000. Pretty great effort I thought.


“So what’s your next challenge,” you ask…..well, that’s easy…..I’m going to run 10km in the Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run on 11th September!

I’d love to tell you more about it, but I’ve gotta go and get stuck into some training so I can actually make it the 10kms, so keep tuned and read about it in the next Amovita Newsletter.


  • Martin Ender
    Posted at 16:46h, 10 August Reply

    Thanks for the post 🙂

  • philomena bateman
    Posted at 15:42h, 16 August Reply

    what a great way to really get into the experience -just do it!

    We don’t know what something feels like unless we experience it ourselves.

    It takes courage to step outside the box and then lie on it!!! Inspiring

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