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Getting Traction!

I ask you the question, are you getting traction?    I hear you say, what on earth is she on about!!!!

A very good question. Are you getting traction?

One of my major goals this year has been to exercise more, work a little less and stick to a routine of becoming fitter and healthier.

So I joined a gym and started working out with a personal trainer. I began to eat better, drink more water and drag myself out of bed early of a morning to meet with the trainer or do other exercise. I bought myself a pushy, skipping rope and a set of boxing gloves. I remember turning up at the gym one morning and proudly announcing to my trainer, ‘I have just ridden 10km, isn’t that great!!’ to which he replied, well that’s ok, but 20km needs to be a minimum.

That’s not really getting traction!!!!!

So what did I do?

Yep you guessed it, rode a minimum of 20km the next time.

My Scott bike now takes me many more km’s over the course of a week. Determination became the name of the game. My bike and I have become very good friends. I developed a positive routine of meeting with the trainer twice a week and on the other days, mixing my exercise regime with riding, jogging and going to the gym.

It was tough in the beginning, there were times I didn’t think I was going to draw another breath. But as we know when you do get traction and stick to the routine, it does get a little easier and it can be fun – at times! I must say to make it a little more easier I did change the seat for a gel seat – perfect!

I have finished with the trainer for now and still enjoy the exercise and my health is so much better.

Getting traction is about MOVING every day, every day and not missing one day in the week. I won’t say I move every week, every day, however I MOVE, mostly every day.

I particularly enjoy exercising first thing in the morning, it is such a beautiful sight to see the sun rise over the water, see all the other people out starting their day in the same way and meeting with my first client for the day in a refreshed and happy manner.

The thing that amazes me is the number of older people out swimming and walking at that hour of the morning. In the warmer weather there are lots of older people in the pool walking and swimming. They are a great example to the rest of us and enjoy a good morning chat, offer a smile and off they go.

We live in a very fast paced society and exercise is one of life’s great gifts.  There are more factors in our lives that contribute and cause stress. We eat more processed food, fruit that has been stored for up to 12 months prior to being eaten and more time sitting behind desks and in front of the  computer.

Some have even suggested that we are generally up to 100 times more likely to have increased stressors than the previous two generations,  working longer hours, lack of balance in our lives and virtually no down  time to allow our bodies to heal, de-stress and re-align.

There are many reasons as to why we may not be GETTING TRACTION in our lives and the impact of stress is a big one.

Your body releases hormones and cortisol which helps regulate blood pressure and assists to fight stress. If we go for long periods of time where stress is present and there is virtually no relaxation time, then parts of our body including the adrenal glands have to work over time and this in turn reduces metabolism.

If you are exercising and working to be healthy and not reducing the stressors then this can impact on you and lessen the opportunity in GETTING TRACTION.

When the body is under stress, hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol make our hearts beat faster, increases blood pressure and impacts on our digestive system.

I think we are getting the picture!

How do you evaluate the level of stress in your life and how you are GETTING TRACTION?

High Stress

You may fall into this category if you experiencing a lot of colds or the flu, taking stress or sick leave from work. You may feel like you are taking your work home. There is not enough time for regular exercise. Things can feel overwhelming at times and out of control. Sleep routine can be less than adequate and you may be skipping meals or drinking a lot of coffee or tea. If any or a combination of these things ring true for you, you may be in a high stress category and probably time to think about making some changes, before it is too late. Getting Traction is urgent.

Medium Stress

Find it difficult at times to relax. You are able to shut off from work most of the time. You dream a lot. Have smaller children or teenagers living at home. Normal life’s pressures impact and have an accumulative effect. You do get a break at times, but not regularly. You do not exercise on a regular basis, but do manage to squeeze in sessions at times. You are conscious that your health and wellbeing could be better. You do manage to GET TRACTION at times, however you fall off the band wagon and then get back on, fall off, get back on. GETTING TRACTION is important for you to maintain a positive life.

Low Stress

You will generally fall into this category if you do see that taking care of your health and well being is important. You are pretty determined to keep the routine in your life most of the time. You will have developed a good sleeping regime, eat adequately, stay away from coffee and tea. You have minimal work and relationship stress, communicate well and have a positive attitude and disposition. You are likely to laugh often and surround yourself with positive people. GETTING TRACTION is not important, it is about MAINTAINING TRACTION that is important for you.

So there is one thing for sure, GETTING TRACTION is vital for good health and wellbeing. It is important in maintaining a positive attitude and living the best life you can possibly live.

It’s your life, what are you currently doing with it?


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