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What’s Happening At Amovita

Looking back over the last month, it has been another busy one with many achievements and we have had the privilege of working with many individuals, families and organisations.

Thank you to everyone who has attend one of our presentations over the last month, there has been some great feedback about the content and information that can be taken back to the workplace.

This blog focuses on:

Our CEO’s DG, Business Leaders and Senior Managers Retreat

Feature Article on Professional Supervision in the Workplace

Introducing Rebecca Stephens

This month’s article is on providing professional supervision to staff in your workplace so I hope you enjoy it. Before we talk about supervision, I would like to reflect on is the great effort displayed by Tony Abbot in completing the grueling Australian Ironman marathon recently.

A 42 km run, 3.8km swim and then a 180km bike ride.

I laugh to myself as I managed to run a mere 9km one morning this week at the gym after 64.41 minutes, so nothing in comparison to Tony’s effort, but boy was I happy to get to the end of the 9km.

Did you know last year in Australia there were 1 million cars sold and over 1.4 million push bikes. Yes I gave into this earlier this year and bought a bike and now make the regular trek of many many kms on a regular basis.

My wonderfully positive personal trainer burst my bubble when I proudly announced upon the purchase of the bike that I had rode 10km to his response of – ‘it needs to be at least 20km’.

So what do I do…… do a minimum of 20km!!

There is so much more to work/life balance than just the work and leisure perspective.

  • Do you feel tired a lot of the time?
  • Do you experience aches, pains and lethargy?
  • Do you have a problem with getting a good nights sleep?
  • Do you understand what tips your health out of balance?

Many of us do not really know what tips ‘the self’ out of balance, it can be an emotional response such as holding anger, it can be living a very busy life or a life that is not busy enough, but the question remains….. as Christopher Howard says – we can choose what to move towards and what we move away from.

Happy reading and look out for our next newsletter.

Check out the range of services and programs that Amovita offers through our website www.amovita.com.au


Amovita Consulting is pleased to welcome Rebecca Stephens to the team.

Rebecca comes to Amovita with a wealth of experience both here in Australia and internationally. She has worked extensively with organisations to develop tailored training programs across a number of key topic areas.

Rebecca has a Bachelor of Social Work and a Masters in Education and Training.

Rebecca will be providing a range of services and programs through Amovita including:

For organisations and businesses

  • Professional practice supervision
  • Team development programs
  • Workplace counselling (EAP)
  • Training and facilitation
  • Speaking events
  • Organisational development and planning

For individuals, couples and families

  • Counselling
  • Family therapy
  • Relationship skill development

To book an appointment or speaking event with Rebecca email info@amovita.com.au

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Our training program has commenced for the year.

Amovita conducted training in a number of key topic areas in March that included:

  • High performance professional supervision
  • Mediation for successful outcomes in the workplace
  • Understanding professional boundaries
  • How to master working with challenging clients

Training to be conducted in April:

  • Professional Supervision for high performance
  • Undertaking quality case management in human and community services
  • Understanding professional boundaries
  • High Performance in the workplace

To enquire about any of our training programs email info@amovita.com.au or check out the training calendar on our website under training – www.amovita.com.au

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Just imagine what it would be like if you introduced new skills and more positive thinking into your workplace that could create a whole new feeling and way of working?

One of the most effective ways to do that is through professional supervision.

Whether you are a manager, CEO, Director General, General Manager, Coordinator or Director introducing professional supervision in to the workplace is a smart move!

This months article focuses on this very topic –


Spread The Word?

You are welcome to use this months article on professional supervision or pass onto others. If you do please include a link to Amovita’s website www.amovita.com.au titled

Amovita Consulting is a leading speaker and provider of professional supervision. Their presentations are engaging and interactive where participants are provided with a range of skills and tools to conduct supervision for high performance.

Amovita also external supervision for many professionals from human services, private and corporate businesses, government and non-government.

So what is professional supervision?

Professional supervision is a professional process whereby a supervisor or manager with the delegated authority directs, coordinates, enhances, supports, guides and evaluates the one job performance of the employee (Kadushin 1985).

Supervision is central to the development and maintenance of high standards in the workplace. The purpose of supervision is to facilitate competent, independent practices of the worker in a supportive and positive environment (AASW 2000)

Supervision is about having one on one time with your staff on a regular basis to provide support, check how they are going in their role, discuss professional development opportunities, evaluate performance and set goals.

Ideally for supervision to work at its optimum, it needs to be linked into the performance framework process.

This includes linking to the annual appraisal process as well.

We all know that having the annual appraisal process can often be meaningless and sits to the side of how we actually work in our role.

Ensuring that the two processes interlink and are not mutually exclusive of each other suddenly ensures that the annual appraisal process can provide valuable information for future planning and past performance.

So what are the benefits of ensuring your staff have supervision on a regular basis?

There are many benefits for your staff, the organisation and clients for all employees to have the opportunity to engage in professional supervision.

1.  It ensures the employee is clear about their role, responsibility and is accountable for the work they are engaged in

2.  Provides appropriate support and acts as a forum in which the employee feels valued and  appreciated in their role

3.  Develops and maintains a positive environment that promotes high performance in the workplace

4.  Reduces stress, manages workload and facilitates communication

5.  Assesses the need for professional development and training

6.  Lower staff turnover and higher retention rates

7.  Assists to reduce the number of sick leave days in the workplace

8   Enables employees to reflect on their work, performance, clients and goals

9.  Promotes a high performance mindset in the workplace

Given the pressures on organisations, lack of time and never ending deadlines, if supervision is to be part of normal business, there are a number of things that need to be in place.

1.  A Clear Supervision Policy

Any supervision policy needs to be clear, detailed in intent and map to the performance framework such as the annual appraisal process. Setting out the topic headings in the policy will ensure that it is easy to follow, staff can use it to guide them in the supervision process and it is a positive tool to be referred to.

Having clear definitions within the policy document is also useful and you may include defintiions on supervision, supervisee, supervision framework, professional, clinical etc.

The policy would include other information about expectations, confidentiality, roles and responsibilities, how issues in supervision will be dealt with in supervision.

2. Booked Regularly

We often hear that when things get busy in the workplace the first thing to drop off is support of staff through supervision. Unless supervision is in the diary on a regular and consistent basis it will drop off, so ensure that it is given the importance it really needs to have.

3. Linked to Performance

Professional supervision is most effective when it is linked to performance. Many organisations I work with engage staff in supervision that is clearly linked to the annual appraisal process. This ensures that supervision is meaningful and the annual appraisal which can often be boring and meaningless just to get some goals on paper will now become far more effective.

4. Training

Ensure that there professional supervision training is offered to both supervisors and supervisees in the workplace. Amovita often runs training presentations for both and we can tailor supervision training to meet the needs of your organisation or business. Professional development is very important but even more importantly is being able to ensure that the training is integrated back into the workplace. Measuring its effectiveness is vital for the organisation and the staff who attended.

5. The Right Culture

For any organisation or staff member to perform within the principles of high performance there needs to be a culture that sees the importance of professional supervision in the workplace. Its only when CEO’s, Managers and senior management can see the importance of having professional supervision as a tool for support and performance in the workplace will the culture change of be positively maintained. Many organisations we work with have a culture such as this and supervision enhances relationships, performance and a happy workplace.

For more information of professional supervision check out our website atwww.amovita.com.au.

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Calling on all CEO’s, DG’s Business Leaders and

Senior Managers

Amovita is conducting a 2 day retreat for leaders and inspirers in the organisational and business world.

You will have the opportunity to work with other leaders on your business or organisation in areas of:

1.  Strategic Visioning as you have never done before

2.  Worklife balance as you have never thought it about before

3. Health and well being that will be beneficial in your busy working life

4. Entrepreneurial leadership skills and discussion

5. High performance principles for success

Spaces are limited as we really want to ensure you experience the retreat of a working lifetime

You will hear from leaders in the field

You will experience things you have never experienced before

Contact Tracey today on 0420 234 638 or tracey@amovita.com.au for further details

Don’t delay this experience will refresh you, reignite your enthusiasm for what you do and you will learn new information and skills you will not be able to get anywhere else

Remember with all of our services we can travel to you or your place of work.

To secure your place at any of our training or senior managers retreat

Subscribe to Amovita’s newsletter and receive regular information and updates

To book Amovita for your next presentation, conference or event

To book an Amovita Service


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    Hello there, I just stumbled upon this site (again!) so this time I thought’d I’d say thanks for the great site! Keep up the good work 😀

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    wow what an amazing site and I look forward to coming to it often. I’ve always wanted to go into private practice at some point in my career but never wnated it be only about one to one work so thankyou!! you have really inspired me 🙂

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