Happy New Year for 2010 - Amovita International
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Happy New Year for 2010

Amovita’s Christmas newsletter focused on reflection. Asking you to reflect on the year that was and what your focus for 2010 was going to be. For some that would be exciting, others a year they would rather forget!! Why do we gather our thoughts towards the end of each year and reflect on our achievements, the things we did not complete, the goals we met and those we did not. Why do we not achieve the things we set for ourselves?

Well one answer is, what we focus on grows! That’s right, if we focus our thought process on a particular thing, we give it energy, develop an action plan and before we know it a goal has been set and achieved. If we do not focus on the things we would like to achieve, then before you know it the year has finished!!! Having something to focus on, something to look forward to gives us a sense of purpose and something to strive for, work towards.

There is a lot written about goal setting and because a lot of the research and information about goal setting focuses on the goal in the here and now, many people do not reach their goals.pic_goals A common goal that many want to achieve when the new year rolls around is to lose weight or read that good book they haven’t had the chance to!!!

However, often by the time the end of the year comes, many have not achieved their goals. They feel frustrated, puzzled, sad and experience a feeling of letting themselves down. By focusing on the goal in the here and now sets up an expectation that many cannot keep.

There is hope, there is definitely hope. By goal setting in a very different way, you can achieve all the goals you set for yourself. You can focus on what you really want to achieve, and yes achieve it. When you focus on the characteristics and principles that successful people live by, their goals setting process is sound. And the great thing is that Amovita can work with you to help you focus on your goals and achieve them. We work with many of our clients to achieve success in their personal life, high performance in the workplace and 2010 could be one of the best years for you if you just put yourself in the right place.

So what is in store with Amovita this year

Amovita is set for a BIG year!!! We are developing a great new and innovating program for High Performance Leadership that will ensure you achieve the results you want to in your workplace. We have a great range of training and professional development courses on offer this year and ensure you link into our Mastermind program to link with other professionals.

Check out our range of services and programs on offer and remember goalwhen you request Amovita, you are ensuring you get a high quality and positive service.

I look forward to hearing how your goal setting goes and look forward to seeing you at one of our workshops throughout 2010. Book Amovita today to ensure you achieve what you want to achieve in 2010.

Tracey Harris

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