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The pain of staying where you are?

A friend once said to me, ‘You know what Trace, people sometimes find it difficult to change, it is only when the pain of staying where that person is now, is more than the possibility of where they could be’ that the person takes on the commitment to change.

Through Amovita, I work with lots of people who are experiencing pain in their lives. This can be personal pain, the pain of a broken relationship, deep sadness and prolonged grief from a past experience or pain from having to make a difficult decision about the future. Even more so at the moment with the global news on the economy and the negative messages we are saturated with, through the media every day, I am finding that some people are experiencing pain even more acutely. It is hard to get away from it affecting how you think and feel.

The question to ask yourself is – is there any pain, sadness or grief in your life at the moment? Is the pain of where you are now worse than the possibility of where you could be if you made some changes? It is sometimes hard to know. You may only know what the possibilities are if you begin the change process.

Many of us live our lives through the stories and beliefs that have been given to us growing up. We take on messages from a range of sources and that is how we construct our own story. As we grow into adulthood it is so important to look at the beliefs we have, do they serve us well or do we need to adjust the story a little to have the life we really want and deserve.

So often that little voice inside mentions, I am not important, I couldn’t get it right, If only I had of ….., I am not worthy and the list goes on. It is really difficult to identify these beliefs without knowing what story has been given to you.

If you were to write your own story to now, what would the chapter headings be? If you were to write a story about your life in the future would the chapter headings be different in some way?

So have a think about it. What does your story look like and would you like the possibilities for your own future to be a reality.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to hearing from you in 2009. I look forward to any ideas for topics for our blogs you may have.

Tracey Harris
amovita consulting

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