Practice Resource Text

As part of the Professional Hons Program with UTas, we would like to invite all students to purchase the supervision practice text as part of your supervision unit. We would like to offer a discounted price on the manual.

The resource text includes over 30 tools and frameworks that are included in the training. The supervision unit has been developed to support experienced supervisors and supervisees who are currently engaged in supervision or are seeking quality supervision.

Reaching beyond the typical training program, the resource text explores in-depth concepts around supervision encouraging the supervisor to revisit their supervisory practice, approach, style and structure.

The training manual includes all six training topic areas:

  1. Developing & Maintaining a Professional Practice Framework
  2. Engaging the Context for Professional Practice & Clinical Supervision
  3. PASETM Model of Supervision
  4. Ethical Excellence in Supervisory Practice
  5. Reflection in Supervision
  6. Neuroscience and Brain Friendly Supervision

Special UTAS Discount $49 per supervision manual

To order, complete the below order form. Once completed an invoice will then be issued for payment via direct deposit or credit card.