Workplace Dispute Resolution (Mediation)

At Amovita we understand the organic and environmental nature of conflict, stages of conflict and contextual nature in which conflict occurs.

We often find that even when a dispute between parties may appear to be resolved the underlying issues or conflictual nature of the issue lingers, therefore requiring more than a mediation approach.

Our transformative approach to conflict and dispute management in the workplace, assists parties to understand the nature of the conflict and through the dynamics of  neuroscience, cognitive behaviouralism and listening to the clients story, we work effectively to understand the conflict in order to seek agreement and commitment to resolve.

Our skills development forums and developmental approach also provide parties with new skills and insight about communication, how brain functionality impacts and influences the conflictual environment and how to reduce stress responses to allow the mediation process to be effective. Parties can then reach agreement being committed to maintaining resolution post the mediation process.

Our post mediation service is free allowing new skills to be fully embedded into the work team and workplace. Our services are available 365/24/7 to ensure our mediation services can be accessed when they are needed the most.

Our accredited mediators are highly qualified and experienced to deal with complex issues and ensure a positive outcome for all parties. Our service is confidential and private, agreements are confidential and parties will be supported through our pre-mediation process. We work in partnership with HR Managers and Advisors to ensure an integrated and positive approach is taken to maximise the outcome.

The workplace mediation process encourages parties in dispute to isolate and explore each issue in a safe environment. Skilled workplace mediators are able to facilitate respectful and fair discussion, clarify and all issues to be explored and guide the parties to understanding, option generating and agreement. Parties are encouraged to agree about what the employer is told about their agreement, ensuring their employer understands that the dispute has been effectively resolved.

Parties can then access our EAP services where appropriate for ongoing support and skills development. We also have a range of training and professional development programs to further maximise outcomes offering you multiple services and programs that can be provided as a package.

We can provide a one mediator or co mediation model to maximise outcomes.

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