Psychological First Aid – Critical Incident Debriefing

Sometimes it’s impossible to know how we have been emotionally affected by a traumatic situation until post the incident or event leaving psychological after-effects begin to show themselves.

In order to prevent this, it’s important to have the skills and tools to be able to understand the event at the time and ‘unwind’ its effect. In the workplace, the psychological after-effects of any type of trauma show themselves through poor productivity, illness, conflict or through stressors.

It’s important, therefore, to provide psychological first aid to any employees who have experienced a critical incident or trauma.

Our team are trained social workers, psychologists and counsellors and have many years of experience dealing with critical incidents. Our consultants have worked with people who have experienced natural disasters, family trauma, personal incidents and workplace incidents.

They have a range of approaches and interventions tailored to the employee or incident assisting to frame their experience in a helpful and positive way so that their likelihood of developing ongoing long-term psychological problems is reduced.

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