Outplacement Support

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Staff redundancy is an emotional and difficult time for both employees and employers.

The process and outcome can have significant impact on employees after they leave the organisation. During times of business change, difficult decisions sometimes are made. This can sometimes mean the transfer of staff to other roles or department.

At Amovita out Outplacement Support Service is professional and supportive, assisting employees to transition from an organisation or from one organisation to another. Our service ensures employees are transitioned with respect and additional support to move through the transition period.

Our Outplacement Support Services work with your business or company to develop and implement  transition initiatives in line with organisational values, reducing risks associated with realignment processes.

Our successful change and realignment strategies rely on effective change management and ensuring you have an intentional positive language framework throughout the transition process will ensure employees feel supported to make the change. As a leading service of effective and positive outplacement solutions, we can assist you to develop, plan and implement your outplacement support program.

Amovita’s approach is highly positive, professional and supportive. Our team of highly trained and qualified professionals can tailor a program to suit your needs incorporating the breadth of the change. All employees receive follow up support linked with one of our professional coaches to ensure they are transitioning through the change process in a supported environment.

To enquire about our Outplacement Support, please email info[at]amovita.com.au