Annual Review and Appraisal Facilitation

We often find that an annual review and appraisal process is meaningless and lacks purpose. Without an integrated and connected approach undertaking annual reviews is costly taking up valuable resources and time.

In our experience, we have found that staff do not engage in the process where they have not had any commitment or ‘buy in’ during the year. At Amovita we often work with businesses and companies to develop a high level and meaningful annual review process that is fully integrated across the organisation.

A well developed and executed annual review/ appraisal system, maximises the effectiveness of an organisation, provides a clear framework and allows space for innovation and high performance. Annual reviews need to be an ongoing process, not just on an annual basis. Linking to ongoing supervision and support, having a dual communication process provides a quality space for managers and supervisors to provide and receive feedback.

We develop and implement an annual review processes that is integrated across key business and organisational areas. We also provide annual review feedback for clients that we provide supervision and coaching to, maximising the performance and development process.

Our clear assessment framework maps key performance areas and sits within a developmental domain to ensure staff feel supported and valued. Using a neuroscience approach our service is unique and ensures high performance in the workplace.

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