Your Financial Investment

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 Your Financial Investment is:

  • 1 hour webinar: $69*
  • Webinar membership (Series of 10): $550*
  • Half day presentation: $199*
  • Full day presentation: $375*
  • Two day presentation: $735*
  • Two and a half day presentation: $785*
  • Two day advanced supervision presentation: $875*
  • Two day blue ocean strategy workshop: $1,500*
  • Three day presentation: $895*
  • Three day leadership presentation: $1,750*
  • Superconscious Self Coaching webinar presentation: $1,200*

* Prices exclude GST or other discounts, such as early bird or group discounts. Only 1 discount available per registration, discounts may not be combined.

For each training presentation you attend, you will receive:

  • An electronic certificate of attendance/completion
  • Relevant resources, handouts, manuals, tools and training materials
  • Access to our online resources
  • Healthy food
  • Qualified, positive and high performing presenters
  • Opportunity to meet with other professionals and network

Training Presentation Cancellation Policy

We would love to see you at training, but we understand plans sometimes change. As we have contracts with venue’s and suppliers, our cancellation fees are:

  • 31 calendar days prior: no cancellation fee
  • 26 – 30 calendar days prior: 40% cancellation fee
  • 16 – 25 calendar days prior: 75% cancellation fee
  • 8 – 15 calendar days prior: 85% cancellation fee
  • Under 7 days prior: 100% cancellation fee
  • Non arrival: 100% cancellation fee*

* If a staff member cannot attend on the day of training, the organisation is welcome to send a replacement for that person. Where participants arrive on the day, there is no guarantee of dietary requirements being met.

Amovita is committed to our customer service and are dedicated to delivering our training presentation according to our training calendar; however there may be circumstances when we have to cancel or postpone our training.

If this occurs, we will notify you as soon as possible and you will not be charged any cancellation fees and you will be issued with a refund or if you prefer, you can choose to have a credit note to attend another training presentation at a later date.


Refund Policy

Please select your training presentation carefully as refunds are not provided where you have simply changed your mind within the 30 day cancellation policy period.

We recommend you carefully review your online registration before submitting your registration. In the event that Amovita Enterprises cancels a training presentation, we will provide a full refund to the registered organisation (or individual) for the training registration fee only.

Amovita Enterprises will not reimburse any other costs associated with your attendance at training which includes, but is not limited to travel, accommodation, salary or wages. Refunds for the full training registration fee will be provided via bank deposit and will be issued within 30 days.