Diploma of Neuroscience Leadership

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Why Study Neuroscience Leadership?

Many professionals, business owners and organisations are working with leadership models of yesterday. Understanding brain based leadership will assist you to lead in a new frontier of tomorrow, lead your team to high performance and maintain a collaborative team environment.

Who will Benefit?

The Diploma Neuroscience of Leadership is beneficial for any professional interested in increasing their leadership and business skills, knowledge and competencies in this new and emerging leadership area.

  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Coaches
  • Business leaders
  • Training Coordinators/Managers
  • CEO’s and Executives
  • Coordinators
  • Business Owners
  • Corporate Leaders

The Learning

This innovative qualification combines Neuroscience and leadership together in a way that captures new knowledge and the latest evidence from neuroscience, neuroleadership, neurobiology and positive psychology for brain friendly leadership. The 9 month program provides insight and new learning that will encourage you to be a  leader of tomorrow.


Delivery Outline

The Diploma Neuroscience of Leadership explores:

  • Why emotions are contagious and impact on others & high performance outcomes
  • Key concepts of how decision making occurs
  • Why multitasking is a myth and decreases productivity and profitability
  • Developing and managing your attention and focus
  • Developing and maintaining collaboration and positive workplace culture
  • Why focusing on the problem decreases work performance
  • New ways to brainstorm for innovation, insights and results
  • Positive and effective performance management for lasting outcomes
  • Strategies that develop and maintain organisational mindset for tomorrow’s workplace
  • How to create a brain friendly workplace


Click here to download the information flyer and expression of interest form

Delivered over 9 months, this course comprises a mixed mode of learning including online, face to face workshops, range of assessments, fortnightly telecalls and weekly online discussion forums.

In 2015 the course will be offered in Brisbane QLD; Launceston TAS and Sydney NSW.


Amovita is licensed to deliver this course by Managerial Resource Training (MRT0 (RTO 51680), Sister company to NeuResource Group. The Diploma is a nationally accredited course in Australia and all qualifications and certificates are issued by MRT (51680)