Inspire Training

Our Inspire division is all about inspiring people and business excellence.

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We offer a range of quality customised training presentations and programs suited to your business and organisational needs.

Our training has been designed based on key learning principles that allow participants to integrate their new skills and learning back into the workplace. Our training is enjoyable, interactive and designed on the latest research and evidence base.

Offering training across the corporate, government and non-government sectors we have developed training programs that ensures high performance in the workplace.

To maximise the skills and learning in our training presentations we recommend further follow up and coaching to ensure the transfer of knowledge and information takes place. Many of our training presentations have Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Endorsement with the AASW and the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA). Our full training suite includes:

Webinar Series

  1. The BUSINESS of LEADERSHIP (Supervision) Webinar Suite
  2. Blue Ocean Strategy Suite

The BUSINESS of LEADERSHIP (Supervision) Training Suite

  1.  Implementing Amovita’s Suite of Coaching & Supervision Models
  2.  Field Practicums, Establishing and Integrating a Learning Framework
  3.  Supervising Students on Placement – Simplifying the Student Experience
  4.  Front Line and Administration Supervision and Coaching
  5.  Becoming a New Supervisor
  6.  Providing Yarn Up Time through the CASETM Model
  7.  Professional Supervision for Supervisees – Investing in Your Own Practice
  8.  ESP – Excellence in Supervisory Practice, Intermediate 1 Day
  9.  ESP – Excellence in Supervisory Practice, Intermediate 2 Day
  10.  ESP – Excellence in Supervisory Practice, Advanced 3 Day
  11.  Invigorating Your Professional Supervisory Practice (Supervision Refresher)
  12.  The Business of Leadership – Supervision Academy
  13.  Working with Difficult Personalities in Professional Supervision
  14.  Supervision Masterclasses for Supervisors
  15.  Supervision Masterclasses for Supervisee’s

Professional Training Suite

  1.   Leading through Neurological Integration – Leadership Program
  2.   Professional Boundaries
  3.   Best Practice in Case Note Writing
  4.   Developing and Maintaining a Framework for Professional Practice
  5.   Ethical Excellence – Developing your Ethical Decision Making Framework
  6.   Tender and Grant Writing Training
  7.   The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of EAP
  8.   TACT – The Accidental Counsellor Training
  9.   YES! Minister – Communicating Strategically with Government and Key Stakeholders
  10.   Resolving Conflict and Mediating Outcomes: The Black Ops of Disputes
  11.   Motivational Interviewing, Introduction
  12.   Blue Oceaning Your Business Strategy
  13.   De-Risking Your Business and Creating New Market Space
  14.   Best Practice in Case Management and Motivational Interviewing – Rebranding Case Management
  15.   Neuroscience and Self Care – A Recipe for Resilience
  16.   Winning the Perfect Role – All You Need to Know about Interviews and Resume’s
  17.   Establishing Your New Business
  18.   Developing an Effective Self Care Strategy


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