Strategic Canvassing

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RDAUPHINExtensive work, resources and time goes into developing a Strategic Canvas (Plan) on an annual basis. After it’s development, we often see Strategic Canvass’ aren’t fully integrated across the key business areas and the Canvass’ goals and tasks are not used as part of the business or companies planning and performance process.

One of the key drivers to business excellence is measuring team, business and success performance against the Strategic Canvass. Having a canvass that has sound methodology, is systematic and produces results is one of the important tools used to plan and ensure high performance visioning and success.

Amovita works in an alliance process with you and your business to develop and maintain a commitment to develop a Strategic Canvass and then work together to implement the detail. Using the principles of a Blue Ocean approach we show you how to be at your best in a competitive market. We provide the tools, framework and knowledge to assist you to develop a quality canvass.

We can assist you to map the key areas of your business or company in the current environment and instill the passion and vision to reach your corporate and business goals. We can facilitate your planning day, where we will help you to work up a high level strategy for your own business, complete the written canvass and report, and provide professional advice on your business direction.

We can assist you through the implementation phases throughout the life of the canvass, provide corporate coaching and supervision to different roles in the work team and ensure your canvass remains on track.

Our highly qualified team of consultants with a passion and mindset for high performance, allows you to get the best out of your strategic planning day. We understand how teams function at their best, we know personality and learning styles and we use a neuroscience and cognitive approach to ensure your team maintains high energy during the planning and implementation phases to ensure you reach your goals.

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