Professional Supervision and Coaching

Professional supervision and coaching provides a quarantined time and space where an employee and supervisor can explore performance in your role, support required, professional development and training needs and the opportunity to discuss professional skills and practice.

Professional supervision is viewed as one of the most fundamental elements to the improvement of professional standards, practice and performance in the workplace. It is essential for measuring sound decision-making, ensuring evidence-based practice is utilised and ensuring staff are supported in their roles.

By meeting in supervision on a regular basis in a formal and structured process, you will be able to meet goals and objectives more timely and with positivity you may not have thought possible. You will be able to lift the performance of individuals and the team if that is your goal.

When you feel supported, encouraged, valued and appreciated in your role, not only do you feel good about who you are as professionals and what you do in their role, your performance is of a higher standard and this then assists the service delivery outcomes.

Amovita provides professional supervision and coaching for middle managers, operational support, front line staff, coordinators and other staff across private, government and the non-government sectors. Our services are provided on site, off site and through our social mediums such as Webinars, Skype and iChat.

Using our PASE Model of professional supervision and coaching, we can support you and your team to be at their best for success.

To enquire about our Professional Supervision and Coaching, please emailĀ info[at]