Organisational Design (Restructure and Alignment)

Across the globe, organisations today are in a state of constant change, always adapting to the current market demands. The ability to change quickly and effectively, with committed and capable people in the right roles is vital to business success. 

Managing change in business or company takes time, precision and ensuring staff feel supported and valued. Undertaking successful restructuring and realignment requires skill and a well evidenced model and approach. Many businesses and companies undertake this process without a proper plan and team in place and we often see the results by having to assist to again restructure or realign.

At Amovita we can be a partner with your business or company to support or develop your change management process. We can undertake an assessment of your current structure and provide you with a comprehensive report on what changes will assist to reach a positive and productive outcome.

We provide training and coaching to your team to undertake the process within a structured process and approach. We can build the capabilities of your entire organisation, from your board of directors to your management team and front line staff. Amovita can also undertake your restructure or realignment project on your behalf, setting up the project team, providing you with regular reports on progress and success.

Our team of consultants can then assist you to develop and embed your communication strategy and provide crucial supervision and support throughout the whole process.

We only use practical and proven methodologies and models that are drawn from research and best practice. Together we can choose the best solution to ensure your change is successful.

To enquire about our Organisational Design, please email info[at]