Direct Debit Information


Improving Our Service Excellence to You

Amovita is all about service excellence and ensuring the monthly invoicing process is effectively streamlined, therefore removing the hassle of monthly remittances.

Recently we have reviewed our finance and accounting procedures and in line with other businesses and organisations, we are moving to the Direct Debiting facilities across all of our services, products and programs.

As a valued client or customer Amovita Consulting, we would like to advise of these changes, providing you with relevant information about how the new invoicing and direct debiting system will work. Included on this page is Amovita’s Terms and Conditions for service delivery.

In reviewing the Direct Debit Request form would you please complete and return to us, via email or post.


Benefits of Direct Debiting for You

  1. You will no longer need to remember to pay your invoice on time
  2. You will still receive a statement each month
  3. No more phone calls or correspondence from our Accounts Department
  4. Saves you, your organisation, your business or company time
  5. Potential reduction in your bank fees and charges
  6. You can stop or start your direct debit at any time, depending on your circumstances
  7. You can manage how little or often you would like to receive services

Our Role

  1. Direct Debits deducted from the account you nominate in your Direct Debit Request will only be for amounts that are due, which will be detailed on your statement
  2. In the unlikely event of Direct Debits being presented in error, you can obtain an immediate refund from us
  3. You can cancel the Instruction at any time by providing us with 30 days notice

Fees and Charges

  • No fees are passed onto you, our client, as part of the direct debiting process where you nominate a bank account to have your direct debit request deducted from
  • If you would like to nominate your credit card as your direct debit request, this will incur an additional 1.4% surcharge (as required by the financial institution, this fee is a bank charge)
  • If your nominate bank account or credit card has insufficient funds to cover a payment, as with all transactions of this nature any fee applicable may be incurred

Important Facts

  • These new changes will take place effective from the 1st July, 2013.
  • Where your organisation, company or business does not have direct debiting facilities, please contact us via info[at] to discuss your specific needs
  • Amovita Consulting will commence direct debiting from your nominated account on the 10th day of each month. If the 10th day of the month is a non-business day, the direct debit will occur on the next business day
  • Clients or customers that have any outstanding payments that are payable to Amovita Consulting on the 7th July will automatically have these outstanding amounts deducted from your first direct debit payment on the 10th July, 2013
  • Clients or customers that are on a monthly package of hours will have two separate payments occur on the first direct debit payment – this will be for the previous month’s package of hours and will be for the coming month’s package of hours. This ensures that you are one month in advance in the payment of your package.
  • Amovita Consulting will send you a monthly statement that will include the breakdown of your monthly account which includes services and programs you have participated in or where products have been purchased

For More Information

If you would like any information or clarification on your direct debit request, please contact us via email: info[at], or on 1800 YES AMOVITA (1800 937 266) or SMS: 0498 133 070.


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