• Rebecca Woolley - TACT: The Accidental Counsellor Training

    "An excellent training opportunity that provided all the relevant and up to date information relating to supervision practices and approaches. Would highly recommend to everyone."

  • Donna Wing - TACT: The Accidental Counsellor Training

    "This training was fantastic, the presenter, Tracey Harris, was extremely knowledgeable and approachable, the modules covered were excellent and well thought out, and the whole presentation was both enjoyable and educational - (which is unusual for training!!! ). Thank you."

  • Sara Stevens - ESP: Excellence in Supervisory Practice

    “Our organisation was seeking a model of supervision to implement with a large and multi-disciplined workforce. Amovita’s PASE model of supervision fit our need. The training guided us through the practical applications of the approach and explored common trouble-shooting topics. The Amovita facilitator and model creator, Tracey Harris, gave us real life examples of utilising the model at each stage of the supervisory process that helped consolidate our learning.”

  • Julie Brown - TACT: The Accidental Counsellor Training

    “As one of the group who attended the Accidental Counsellor course conducted by Amovita and presented by Tracey Harris 20 February I would like to say that I have found the structure of the course to be very well planned and relevant to my circumstances. Tracey is a great communicator and kept the class well engaged and upbeat. Since completing the training I am now implementing many of the tools learnt and have a new awareness of the importance of the skills involved in dealing with being a first responder and also the importance of self-care. Thank you Tracey and the team at Amovita.”

  • Sally Hollands - ESP: Excellence in Supervisory Practice

    "As a new supervisor, the information I gained through this experience was so helpful in increasing my confidence about supervising those who were previously my colleagues. I can't thank Tracey enough for the ESP training, and the way that it will revolutionise supervision in our agency. I genuinely think that the training experience was exemplary."

  • Kathy Nolan - ESP Excellence in Supervisory Practice

    "I have attended two Amovita Consulting training workshops, Integrating the PASE model, and ESP. Both inspired me to adopt the PASE model in my practice. It has provided a common language framework for peer supervision with other Supervisors and provided clarity and focus for supervisees to get the most out of supervision. I am enthusiastic about learning more from Amovita Consulting."

  • Dianne Clough - Tender & Grant Writing Training

    "Amovita's ability to present topics that 'hit the spot', particularly in the social service area, is part of why this company is so successful. The topics are well researched and presented in a relevant manner.

    Linda was an excellent presenter for this topic - she clearly knew her topic and presented it in a user friendly way. Excercises and discussions were helpful and specific (especially for those applying for Feneral funding round) although the Information is easily be transferrred to any funding."

  • Toni Edwards - Tender & Grant Writing Training

    "The Tender and grant writing workshop was highly informative and practical. It was also designed to meet the needs of the specific participants and provided valuable resources and insight to all that attended. I would recommend this workshop for anyone involved in tender and grant writing. The pre training and post training contact was excellent."

  • Lisa O'Brien - ESP: Excellence in Supervisory Practice Training

    "Tracey Harris knows how to deliver. I can not fault the experience, I will be telling everyone I know to sign up to the next one. What a valuable tool, with diverse applications. I can't wait to implement what I have learned. Since the training I have completely redesigned supervision within the organisation and have some amazing colleagues who attended the training alongside me who are just as excited as I am to roll our the new schedule."

  • Lorraine Haynes - TACT: The Accidental Counsellor Training

    "Tracey has the perfect insight and skills to elicit responses from each course attendant and ensures that contribution is unpacked, explored and valued. This was a wonderful course filled by attendants from varied backgrounds, skills and experience. Tracey ensured each and everyone went home with a new insight and skill(s) to take back to the office. I totally recommend Amovita Consulting for training and will use them again in the future."

  • Marjorie Middlemiss - TACT: The Accidental Counsellor Training

    "The trainer was skilled and well-versed in the training and Tracey took into account the cross-section of staff representing the different departments and the level of skills brought by each individual. Whenever something was not clear Tracey provided clarity and examples and gave people the opportunity to share their own relevant personal experiences. There was humour and light-heartedness combined with the necessity to learn and absorb, without any pressure. Everyone interacted and participated with enthusiasm and the final activity saw a flurry of excitement and collaboration in each working group."

  • Mishelle Grey - ESP: Excellence in Supervisory Practice

    “I have found the training very useful. I have used the structure to give shape to team meetings and supervision. It is a slightly adapted version to suit the organisation. The best thing it helped increase my confidence.”

  • Professional Practice/Clinical Supervision for High Performance Training

    "Tracey was brilliant. She was absolutely REAL. Sometimes presenters can be so professional that an audience finds it hard to relate. Tracey was completely professional yet her genuine caring personality shone through. I really sensed her passion for supervision.

    Tracey involved us in discussion in ways which kept us all captivated, involved, and sharing of our own experiences. I couldn't help feeling that Tracey is a fantastic supervisor and a leader in this field. Her excellent teaching skills are just too hard to ignore - so, I'm glad she's making full use of her multiple talents!"

  • Field Placements: Developing an Integrated Framework for Practicum

    "I attended the Field Placements: Developing an Integrated Framework for Practicum training and it was refreshing to see supervision from a field placement perspective. I gained three key learnings from attending the two day training.

    (1) Applicability of student supervision theory/practice to new graduate and other staff supervision; (2) Developing an understanding of reflective supervision rather than task/process; and (3) Using multiple frameworks to make supervision relevant and useful to staff.

    I highly recommend this training to any Field Placement Coordinators or Supervisors, Liaison Staff, University Educators and anyone who is currently supervising staff or students on placement."

  • Professional Practice/Clinical Supervision for High Performance Training

    "The information and resources provided on the PASE model has been extremely beneficial. I have already had meetings with the organisations management about the implementation of the model across our workplace. These meetings have been quite successful.

    I also thought the information that I learnt on brain friendly supervision was quite important and I will be definitely utilising the skills learnt here during my supervision session with both students and staff in particular the four quadrants vulnerability model.

    As a clinician you know the importance of reflective practice, but so often it is something that does not get utilised to it full potential as we are often time poor. This training just reiterated the importance of this and I will ensuring that I build this time back in to my practice as well as stressing the importance to my staff.

    I also found the exercise on reframing task and process goals into reflective goals in order to create a deeper level of learning and reflection."

  • Robyn Carter - TACT: The Accidental Counsellor Training

    “I have attended two Amovita workshops – Collaborative Case Management, and the Accidental Counsellor. I got a lot out of both the workshops, and found the training highly enjoyable. I felt that Tracey and Rebecca really made the experience more fulfilling. The information and resources provided were fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone who works in any type of counselling.”

  • Professional Practice/Clinical Supervision for High Performance

    "I liked the opportunity to learn about something so useful in our day to day work. I believe much of the content can be used in interactions outside of the supervisory role. These include such things as working with resistance, reflective work, the professional practice framework and many other topics."

  • Professional Practice/Clinical Supervision for High Performance

    "The Supervision training was a full 2 days of gaining new knowledge and meeting and interacting with other health professional supervisors; I think the contributions of others added to the richness of the discussion and this was well facilitated by Tracey."

  • Field Placements: Developing an Integrated Framework for Practicum

    "The three key learning's I gained from this training was (1) Reflective Learning and the need to shift away from task orientation objective to enable a deeper understanding; (2) The PASE model and how this facilitates a better connection and understanding with the student/employee; and (3) The Ethical Decision Making Framework -and the need to establish my own framework on how I undergo this to enable me to help students establish theirs and therefore develop a level of deeper understanding other decision making processes"

  • Nina Podosky - TACT: The Accidental Counsellor Training

    "Excellent, empowering, extraordinary, educational, eloquent, emotional, enthusiastic, essential., enlightening. All the “e” adjectives I could find to describe today's training. The groups we had was brilliant and we all felt empowered after our session. Thank you, I personally found it helpful."

  • Jarryd Williams - Professional Practice/Clinical Supervision for High Performance

    "I've just enjoyed two of the most AMAZING days of training I've ever had! Amovita exceeded my expectations and took me to places I never thought I could go as a professional. You guys are just amazing. Thank you, Sally. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Thank you for your insight and support! You guys are awesome."

  • Eva Hallam - Change Management Service

    "At the time of engaging Amovita in a professional capacity, I was faced with a number of workplace challenges and concerns and had reached a professional crossroad. With the support of Amovita’s Managing Director Tracey Harris, I was able to clearly make some tough and significant decisions which were extremely challenging and required a lot of courage on my part to commit to, as these were significant life changes.

    Through Amovita’s change management coaching, I was able to clearly identify what was required to enable me to move forward professionally and I would not have had the courage to make those choices without the total support of Tracey and Amovita. With thanks to this professional backing, I was able to implement these life decisions which lead to such a positive outcome. I was able to secure a new position that was higher paid and closer to home and I believe that I would never had been brave enough to make those decisions without the ongoing support and advice from Tracey."

  • Vincent Wilkinson - Professional Practice/Clinical Supervision for High Performance

    "Over the years supervision has worn many guises and been used by many supervisors for various HR /case management/ professional development related activities. The Amovita “inspiring High performance’ SuperVISION training I attended placed the goal of supervision firmly back into back into it’s professional mould; that is of a tool to meet the needs of practitioners in highly complex service delivery world.

    I have found the PASE model of supervision to be an extremely practical model to implement and one that contains the basics for effective and developmental supervision of students and staff. PASE can be manipulated and is reflexive to the needs of individuals and groups. Thanks Amovita – well worth the time."