Amovita is derived from the Latin words “Amare” and “Vita”
Amare is Latin for Love; Vita is Latin for Life

Amovita Consulting is a leading management and human resources consultancy, mediation and training business that provides a range of services and programs aimed at supporting businesses, organisations and companies to develop and maintain high performance outcomes in the workplace.

Known for our unique business approach incorporating a Blue Ocean ‘philosophy’, we provide services and products based on high performance principles.

Our client portfolio spans Corporate, Government, Non-Government and business sectors. Testament to client service excellence, Amovita has been recognised as an Australian Leader in Business, consecutively winning the 2011 and 2012 Australian Business Award for Service Excellence.

Amovita’s vision to move into uncontested market space provided a creative response in the market place. We quickly found that having a team of consultants with a background and expertise in business and human services has allowed our boutique consulting business to thrive in Australia and internationally.

Our team are the best in their fields. They are proven leaders and have been selected to be part of Amovita’s dynamic team for their commitment to providing the highest quality of service, their dedication to their own ongoing professional development for their entrepreneurial mindset and aptitude.

Our focus is our clients and customers. Our success is because of their belief in our high quality services. We pride our business on a partnership model, providing our clients with a range of business and organisational solutions.

Through our strategic partnership model, we provide a one-stop shop – resulting in many of our clients requesting services and programs across all our consulting divisions. Our services are flexible and mobile. We travel to our clients, increasing productivity and efficiency dividends.

We have the ability to respond creatively to the needs and requests of clients in a short timeframe and match the appropriate professional and service with our client needs.