Fight or Flight?

STRESS!! It’s one of the prime factors that the urban population is dealing with. With our fast paced lifestyles that seem to constantly revolve around all the things that we must do. You know the things I’m talking about – from juggling work, family, friends to creating culinary healthy masterpieces each week for our family, to attempting to manage our diary to fit in that car service, hairdresser appointment, mowing the lawn….and the list could go on!

Stress can be very damaging to your body as well as to your overall well-being. When we are stressed, we create a “fight or flight” reaction to our surroundings. Adrenaline is released causing an increased heartbeat, at the expense of other areas of our body and emotional reactions to prolonged stress could include anxiety and depression. High stress levels have also been linked to cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal problems, lowered immune system and even cancer.

Stress can affect every aspect of your life, so understanding how stress occurs and the impact it has on your body, mind and functioning is very important. Sometimes stress can be avoided, but when it cannot be, the proper management of stress is essential. The biggest challenge when dealing with stress is learning how to manage it. Without the proper stress relief management your mental and physical health can be affected.

You may find that your stress relief comes from exercising every day to boost your endorphins, booking a family holiday, having a regular massage, meditating, going to yoga or, if you are like most of us and are time poor but would like great results, perhaps you could consider some simple exercises that you can do at work, in the car or at home.

There are different types of stress relief management and you need to decide for yourself which is the best type for you. Last week I stumbled across this article in the online version of Time magazine, the article focuses on how to manage stress and avoid burnout and is called “The Brain: 6 Lessons for Handling Stress”, although I already knew most of this information, it was good to reflect upon.

So before you find yourself in a fight of flight situation, I encourage you to explore different types of activities and techniques that could help you to reduce your stress and enable you to continue happily juggling the list of “must do’s”.

“Two rules for stress management:

Rule one: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Rule two: It’s all small stuff.” Robert Elliot

Enlist a coach, mentor or professional supervisor who you can talk to, debrief. Enlist in a gym membership or make time to move every day as part of relieving stress. Recognise what relieves the stress for you.

Feel free to call us at Amovita to discuss with you ways to decrease the stress in your life, you only have ONE so please make it the best you can.