Queensland’s Secret Millionaire’s

Sandbags of Love - Kelvin Grove, Sheena JamiesonThere’s a great show on TV at the moment, Tuesday nights 7.30pm on GEM, it’s called Secret Millionaire. I’ve watched the British version before so I was surprised to stumble across the encore episode of the Australian version on our screen.

Each week a millionaire leaves the glitz and comforts of their life to go live and work in a low socio-economic community, they are given only $20 a day to spend. During that week they volunteer with different community groups and become a part of the networks that support the people who are in cycle of tragedy. It’s one of those shows where you get a lump in your throat and are guaranteed tears in every episode.

Sitting in my home with most creature comforts, I begin to realise how much I have, and how much of it I don’t need! We all have complaints in life; “I don’t earn enough”, “my partner doesn’t listen me”, “if only I had a bigger house, a bigger yard, a better car”.

Our list of wants can go on and on but when you meet or watch people with less than you have, with children who have debilitating diseases or most appropriately this week, those that have lost everything in a flood, you all of a sudden realise how amazing your average life in suburbia really is!! By the end of this show these millionaires have to decide how best to use their money to intervene in these precious lives. Yesterday’s millionaire was a young lady, at the start of the show this is what she said “I give; not because I have, but because I’m human”.Flood Indicator at New Farm, Sebastian Sanchez

This is exactly what we have witnessed these last few weeks from the local, state, national and international community – they’ve given. We are into the 4th week of the flood tragedy here in Queensland and watched so many emotional stories of people losing their loved ones, seen the footage of landmarks under water, watched large amounts of debris float effortlessly down streets and have heard of those that have lost all their possessions. People from all walks of life have given what they could.

Sadly this weather pattern has hit so many areas including NSW, Victoria and now in Tasmania. We had a call from one of our children in Tasmania telling us of the floods in Railton and towns being evacuated last week and over the weekend. It will be a time in our lives that will be part of history.

How wonderful are Queenslanders and Australians. Seeing that queue of 10,000 volunteers ready at the help for others in need. What a wonderful spirit we have as a community. So many of Amovita’s clients and my colleagues have been caught in the flood tragedy. So many people emailing and texting us to ask for help, counseling staff, being at the ready for the after affects of this event. In a way we can all be Secret Millionaire’s giving our time, resources and support. These are the times where a hug and pat on the back can go a long way.

On the news this morning a beautiful child in Goodna was putting out the word that she has commenced a quest for Santa to return to Goodna and she is donating some of herBrisbane's Story Bridge - Bruce Kirkland Christmas presents to other children in her area that have lost all their presents because of the flood. Lets come up with as many creative ideas as we can to get others back on their feet as quickly as possible.

How proud are we to be Queenslanders and Australians.

1. Sandbags of Love – Kelvin Grove, Sheena Jamieson
2. Flood Indicator at New Farm, Sebastian Sanchez
3. Brisbane’s Story Bridge – Bruce Kirkland