I am asking you to believe

How did you respond to the historic moment that the world witnessed recently with the election of Barak Obama? Think about what was going through your mind at the time you heard the news? Where were you? Were you driving somewhere, listening to it on the tv or radio? Think about what you felt at the time and then how you reacted?

No matter what your political persuasion or ideology is, it would be very hard for anyone not to be touched in some profound way by Barak Obama’s election and his momentous speech.

Iam asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real change, I am asking you to believe in yours€ (Obama, 2008).

You know we all need something to believe in. That may be hope, the love of our children or partner. It may be your faith or you really enjoy the role you have in your workplace. It may be that special friendship or your role in your local community.

Recently, many millions of people around the world felt as though they now have something to hold onto. Something that is strong in their hearts and minds. Something that will carry them through the tough times, something that will enable them to look forward instead of backwards.

Today was not only about America, it was about the world. It was about you and I. It was about the choices we make in our life and making different choices from today, because that very powerful speech was not about politics, not about any political machine or even Obama himself in many ways. It was about you and I. It was about believing in what is possible, not focusing our minds and energy to what is not.

It is shutting out as much as we can the negative news that washes over our lounges every night, only filling your lives with positive people and changing our own attitudes so that we are only positive to those we come across every day. Take the time when you can to check out where you are in your own life. What are the things in your life that are positive. That was probably very easy. Now think about the things are that not serving you well.

Maybe your job, maybe your relationship with your partner, children or other members of your family. Maybe you could be happier and more fulfilled in other areas of your life. When you doubt, you only have to really immerse yourself in what happened today, the positive thoughts that united the world, the feelings that run high and the attitudes that were changed today and anything, any change is possible.

Please be committed to your own changes, and let us know what changes would you like to make in your life. What do you believe you can do?