I was just thinking about you!

Have you ever been talking to someone and they mention something that was exactly the same thing you were thinking or about to say?

How often have you talked to a friend, colleague or family member on the phone and they have remarked with, ‘I was just thinking about you’!

I have had that happen more times than I can say and at first it really surprised me and the more it has happened the less surprised I am. It has also happened the other way around. I was thinking of my cousin Sonja who lives in America a few weeks ago. She had been here for a visit three months prior and we had not caught up since she had returned home. Yes, as it happens between us, I was thinking of her one Saturday and then out of the blue on the same day I received an email from her. It was not surprise really and as we chatted across the universe to each other we had a great laugh as we caught up on the news of the last few months.

Another example I would like to share with you is we are also in the process of selling our house and I was talking about the sale price I had in mind. I didn’t mention that price to the real estate agent or to anyone else at the time. After the real estate had visited the property and completed the appraisal, he called to give us an idea of the price range and yes, you guessed it, the price I had in my mind was in that range – right in the middle!

This brings me to talking about the power of the mind. There is so much written and discussed about how to use the power of our mind to achieve what we really want in life. When we focus our mind in a positive way and visualise our emotions and energy on the positive things in our life, then we begin to get the results that we really want. When we challenge the negative messages that drive our thoughts, feelings and actions, we get the results in our life we really want.

Is there an area of your life that is letting you down?

What negative messages continue to hold you back from what you really want to achieve?

Do you surround yourself with only positive people?

Could your workplace do with an injection of positive energy?

How do you use the power of your mind?

You can begin to become more aware of your emotions and mindset right now. Think about the people that you have around you, the people in your workplace. Are they positive? Do you have relationships that are meaningful and do they add value to your life? Start today by focusing on the positive people in your life. How do they think? What is the language they use and how do they measure the successes in their life?

I invite you to share how you use the power of your mind and positive energy to achieve the life you have wanted. It would be great to hear from you if you have had any experiences where negative thoughts have not been beneficial to you.

We invite you to share this month’s message with those around you and invite them to share their thoughts and we will send them the first 2 steps in ‘Getting the Life You Really Want’


“The funny thing about life is, if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you just may get it’” – Somerset Maugham